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Jet setting across the globe for work or pleasure is always fun. Losing your valuables while you’re away, at an airport or hotel can be the most painful thing ever. Though hotel rooms offer safes, not everything fits inside or if you’re working at your desk, why go through the pain of hibernating your computer and shoving it in everytime you wanna step out.

In a world of technical genius, protection of our possessions gets portable just like most of our gadgets and gear have now. Our Travel Lock with Alarm shrieks an applaud worthy 100 dB siren just about as loud as a jet engine, when the lock is attacked, moved or cable is cut.

This mini edition of the Lock Alarm is a portable light weight 100 grams unit with a 60 cm retractable cable that fits in the palm of your hand. It works like a number lock built-in with intelligent multi-sensor that comes well in handy when you’re on the go. Use it to secure your bags while you travel or your sports gear when you’re outdoors.

This mighty mini lock also includes a laptop adapter to secure your laptop against theft. Simply lock it to any object and arm the sensor to set yourself at ease while you stretch your legs or take a walk. The loud buzzer goes off if any attempt to lift your laptop is made. Making it great for students or business jet setters. Which is why our Travel Lock with Alarm is mighty good at being vigilant of your much loved belongings.


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