Reusable Chilling Ice Cubes

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Chill your drinks without missing out on the taste with these cubes doing their work bang on. Chill your liquors like wine & whisky and keep them cooler for a longer duration. This set of 4 steel cubes are your drink companions who’ll stay with you even after you finish your drink. Wine, whisky or be it beer, these substitute for ice contains a special gel that helps it keep the drink temperature lower. Packed in black velvet box, its a royal gift to give your friends and hang out on some special days.

EASY TO USE WASH, CLEAN AND STORAGE: Unlike traditional ice cubes that melt and make a mess, these stainless steel ice cubes chill without the mess and without watering down your favorite beverages, like whiskey, vodka, etc. Freeze 0.5 hour and ready to go.

SAFE MATERIALS: Our reusable ice cubes are crafted of premium, food-grade 304 stainless steel and have been tested in a laboratory for quality assurance. Lab results have proven that these stainless steel cubes chill drinks better and quicker than ice!

PERFECT GIFT: Comes in a Striking Gift Box a Plastic Container cum Tray for Your Freezer.
CONVENIENT AND SAFE TO USE WITH: Vodka, Rum, Whiskey Bourbon, Wine, Juice or Water.

CHILLING GEL INSIDE ROCK: Chilling Rocks are Larger and Contain a Freezing Gel Inside to Ensure a Chilled Temperature.


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