Retro Induction Touch Speaker


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Party at home or away with retro style speaker. This versatile 3 Watt MP3 speaker contains a premium grade speaker unit so that the tunes come out crystal clear and loud enough to rock the party. It is one of the best looking speakers and one of those products that appeals every individual regardless of their taste in music. A great gift for music lovers and those who love to party.

Simply place any mobile device, like your iPhone or Android, on top of the speaker and sound from your phone speaker is magically amplified! No wires, wifi or bluetooth needed. Perfect for listening to music or watching your favorite tv shows. This wireless speaker is perfect for outdoor entertaining or as a travel speaker with the built in rechargable battery lasting a whopping 10 hours per charge! New technology allows the speaker to interact with the speaker on your device so that the sound is instantly magnified, and because there are no cords or connections, the speaker is compatible with any device which has an external speaker. You’ll be amazed at the sound boost you get just from touching your phone to the speaker!


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